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ActiveRainPhotoBloggerContest, and so it began…

May 11, 2011

The photo that started it all… my dreams ascended with the stairs that sparked my imagination and filled my soul.

Cape Poge Light House

I took this photo while on vacation while at a dear friends house on Martha’s Vineyard a few years back with my old Pentax point and shoot. Our spouses were both busy and couldn’t go, so we sadly said goodby to them and drove as fast as we could for a long weekend to his house on the Vineyard. The whole place is magical, his house is actually located within the confines of the Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge on Chappaquiddick Island. No electricity, unless you make your own, when the sun set we lit candles and oil lamps, drinking in the smells and sounds the ocean provides.

It was reminissent of my life, another life so many years ago on a ranch along the Verde River in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona. No power unless we generated our own, no phone lines, miles to the nearest town, life was fantastic! Cape Poge might be thousands of miles and a different landscape from Arizona, and it had been many, many years ago, but the serenity and peace of the place brought back so many happy memories for me of a different time in my life.

One side of the house faces the bay, the other side the ocean, with the lighthouse framed by the kitchen and my bedroom window. With the peace and quiet surrounding us, the smell of the ocean permeating everything, waves lulling me to sleep and night and waking me up in the morning, it was a dream come true. No intrusions from the outside world. The only way in or out is along the beach at low tide, any trips to the store have to be planned around the ebb and flow of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. What a life!

Simple meals, a boiled lobster, corn on the cob, a glass of wine and all the eye candy you can take in. Or how about cheese and wine on the beach, watching the sun setting? Not one other person as far as my eye could see, only the birds running along the beach, darting back and forth with the lap of the waves. We ate on the porch for breakfast, lunch and dinner, one special meal we ate ourselves silly on the steamers I had dug up.

Then we took a walk over to the Cape Poge Lighthouse, my curiosity had been piqued after watching the light house from my bedroom window. I looked inside and shot the photo that made me realize how much I love to take photographs, how photography speaks volumes from one simple click. This is my most favorite photo I have ever taken, and I am sure it will remain so. I can sit very still and hear the waves, I remember the wonderful history of the lighthouse, the generations who lived a harsh life to tend the lights for the ships at sea, I wonder if they loved it as much as I did.

Within my simple photo I see both the past and the future, the hard work of those before me who sacrificed all to tend the flames, the promise of a bright future ahead, the inescapable truth of the past and the fact that our future is full of promise, all is within our grasp. Nothing is impossible. All one has to do is to climb the stairs!

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