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New Milford CT Well Testing

April 26, 2011

New Milford CT Real EstateNew Milford, CT Real Estate, well testing, shocking information indeed! Put away your taser’s, don’t bother with your rubber soles shoes, and I am not hooking you up to my electric shock machine gadget! I am not even going to have you stand in the middle of the golf course behind my office with a golf club in your hand in the middle of an electrical storm! In the Greater New Milford, CT area where I sell real estate, wells and septic systems are the norm, not the exception. Part of a good home inspection will test the quality of the well water, the performance of the well and the septic system for its functionality.

Today I am speaking to one of the most common issues we find here in the Greater New Milford CT area, well water contaminates such as total coliform bacteria. I always suggest to my clients they test the well water once a year on a regular basis for contaminates and as needed if there was any flooding (standing water because of heavy rains) around the well area. You can do this yourself, or contact a company to come in and do it for you. I like to use HydroTechnologies in New Milford, they will explain everything and will either give you the test kit or send someone out to gather the sample for you.

So, what is so shocking? Shocking the well of course! If you find total coliform bacteria in your well water,you will want to have the well shocked with chlorine. You can call in a professional, or you can try it yourself. The State of CT DEP has a few excellent handouts on bacterial contaminates commonly found in wells, and what you can do about it.

Bacteria in private drinking water wells
Disinfection of a well water supply
Disinfection procedure for private drinking water wells
Flood and storm water concerns for private water systems

New Milford CT Real EstateI always suggest to my sellers BEFORE putting their home on the market that they have the well water tested. It just makes more sense to me and prevents a whole lot of hassle if an offer does come in and there are contaminants found in the water. But do know, a well found free of bacteria today does not mean it will be free from bacteria always, there are so many factors that enter into play with your well. Keeping the area around your wells in clean, good working condition is a must. Proper well caps will help, but there are natural occurring conditions that do affect our wells that are totally out of our control.

Don’t be afraid of your well water, as shocking as the test results might be to you! A common issue, most of the time easily fixed can put your well water right back into shape again!

Shocking the wells in New Milford, CT, real estate information.

The writer of this story strongly advises you only shock your well with chlorine, shocking with any form of electricity may be hazardous to your health! And try explaining that one to your friends and family! To think, I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn last night. (<— humor intended here)

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