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New Milford CT Real Estate, are you thinking “trashket” when selling your home?

April 25, 2011

What on earth is a trashket and what does it have to do with real estate in New Milford, CT?

Let me explain….

New Milford CT Real EstateAfter this Easter, trashket is a new word for me. I put an Easter basket together for my three year old grandson, and of course the tradition in my house is that the Easter bunny brings sneakers. And he never, ever used a regular store bought Easter basket. He also doesn’t bring candy to my house, we have had an understanding for years…

So there I was in Walmart, looking for a few fillers for the basket. And I didn’t have the basket yet either. When all of a sudden, I saw it out of the corner of my eye. A small, shiny red plastic garbage can… and it was on clearance for THREE BUCKS! I grabbed it and ran. All his outdoor work tools, his kite, his ball, some cars, a big jug of bubbles and of course his Easter sneakers tucked beautifully into this Easter trashket, and the container can be used to store his new tools, toys, whatever. Or he can drag it around the yard when he works outside on the yard with his pop!

I know, all a bit on the different side. Then I thought about real estate, and how trashket applies to my real estate marketing on my listings in the New Milford, CT area. Change the wrapper, make it different, shake it up a bit. I know my marketing is red and shiny, I make sure of it! And it has good things inside. It is not like everything else people see, I work hard to make sure it is a bit different, that it stands out from the rest of the crowd.

New Milford CT Real EstateAnd your house needs to stand out from the rest of the crowd too. Clean it up, clear it out, make the entrance into the home like my grandson’s Easter trashket, bright, attention getting, giving the buyer a feeling of… excitement about going inside. Paint your front door, put flowers outside, whatever you can do to add that wow factor! Give them a reason to remember your house as opposed to the others they will see. And then, of course, price it right!

When my grandson saw his Easter trashket he loudly exclaimed “WOW”, and for a three year old, to me, that was a very exciting moment for both he and I alike! And that is what you want those buyers to say, from the moment they see the marketing for your house to the time they actually walk up to the front door!

Greater New Milford CT Real Estate information, selling your home in a tough market.

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