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Wonder why they are reading that???

April 23, 2011

You may think it funny, but when I check my stats I will often wonder “wonder why people are reading that“?

why are people reading your postsI have always been a bit curious as to what is happening with my posts as far as clicks go. I pay attention to the clicks and like to see what posts are getting a good amount of clicks. I can see a pattern here. The posts with the catchy titles have a better chance of being read. You will really see this as you scroll down the stat pages of your posts. I guess I really need to pay attention to those titles! The clever title catches the worm, or something like that.

Then I decided to try a bit of an experiment. I tweeted an older post. I took a copy of the stats so you can see what happened in 2 minutes. Now, seriously, I don’t do a whole lot with Twitter, and have only 125 followers, so it always surprises me when I see stats rise because of Twitter. I should look through more of my posts and re-tweet them.

I also found that people wanted to know about permits and driveways. So those boring posts that I hated to write are actually still being read, very good info to know!

Take a few minutes to see how many people are reading your stuff, and try to figure out why! You just might be surprised. And then, take a moment to tweet them, even if you wrote them a while ago. 


date-post-comments-views-clicks-short url clicks (I really care about those CLICKS!)

03/09/2011 Morals, ethics and the keys to the kingdom… 88 3460 2089


02/25/2011 What if… we use the power of our words to start a revolution. 46 1367 467


01/25/2011 I got a call from an angry relative because YOUR listing is overpriced…. 99 964 760


01/20/2011 Why do you need to know if there was a permit issued for my deck in New Milford, CT? 48 1097 733


01/14/2011 Are you singing the shared driveway blues in New Milford CT? 44 899 573


01/10/2011 I lift things up and put them down…. 40 1916 1596


01/05/2011 When we have a home inspection done, do we get to re-negotiate the price? 42 861 558

I decided to tweet the above post, and in 2 minutes, see what happened? I don’t have many followers, so this surprised me. Only 124 people follow me, I don’t do a whole lot with Twitter. I have recently started tweeting posts, only some, not all.

01/05/2011 When we have a home inspection done, do we get to re-negotiate the price? 42 877 574 11
01/05/2011 When we have a home inspection done, do we get to re-negotiate the price? 42 880 577 14


12/10/2010 Mr. Lender, you are no different than a home owner who is under water. 70 1531 796

Check your titles, tweet your posts, re-tweet later on, or if you didn’t tweet them in the first place tweet them now, and see what floats people’s boats as far as your posts are concerned.

Or you can always scratch your head and say….”I wonder why they are reading THAT post”….


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