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Testing, testing, one, two, three!

April 19, 2011

TestingFine tuning new products we are using is often difficult. Trial and error is often NOT the message I want to send out when using something new. I wrote a post last night about using a QR code, a vCard, on the back of my business card. The project failed. I believe the company that printed the card screwed up somehow…. Certainly it wasn’t me…. HA!

But…  (you knew that was coming…)

I am using the same QR code vCard in my blog signature. I have tested it a few times with my Blackberry. It worked fine. I use a free Blackberry App that takes the picture and dumps it right into my contacts (if it is a vCard I am scanning). Very cool actually, my phone takes the picture, then vibrates to tell me it worked. I had someone with an iPhone test it, worked just fine for them too. And it was someone who did not have me in their phone already.

Then I got an email from Pat Kennedy. She tried scanning my QR code vCard and got an odd message. It said that the information contained in the QR code had to be emailed to her. To be exact, it said the following:

“Your I-Phone cannot download vCard files from a web page, but you can receive them by email.Enter you email address below and the vCard will be emailed to you instantly so that you can import it into your contacts.”

Now Pat has been scanning vCards from QR codes, so I do not understand, neither does she. Can anyone explain that? And I used a popular QR code generator and told it to make a vCard.

So, anyone up for a test? Scan the following into your phone and see what happens to you? Should give you my name, my company name and address, my cell phone, my email and website address. That is what I put into the QR code generator, and that is what I get out of it! The bonus? You have my contact information right at your fingertips! The flip side to that is that your phone has a delete key…

Thanks! Testing, testing, one, two three!

Andrea Swiedler QR Vcard
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