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I am so glad I didn’t pay for THIS mess…

April 18, 2011

distorted QR codeWith the “merger” I am living through comes many challenges. I am working through them while keeping up with my main focus. (Selling real estate) So, the new company gave us business cards, with the opportunity for us to change the cards if we wanted to.

Hmmm… now that sounds like fun. I had recently purchased cards and had not thought of the whole QR code thing when I ordered them. So…

I made myself a Vcard QR code for the back of the card and submitted it with the rest of the changes I wanted. Should have been a piece of cake.

Should being the operative word here.

The printing company said the jpg was not of a high enough quality. HUH? I went in search of a way to get a high quality QR code, but they are all the same. And other agents said they used the same QR code generator as I had used. Their QR codes on their business cards work just fine.

MINE? Not so much….. What is on the back of the card is not what I emailed to them, or even proofed.

So as wonderful as it was to get the gift of business cards from the new company, it is not working out. I am limited as to what company I can use to make my business cards due to regulations by the mother ship. I hope that another company might do better. Very disappointing to say the least. I am finding I really like the QR codes, I am thinking of so many uses for them and really beginning to understand just how convenient they really are!

How are your QR codes?

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