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ActiveRain brought me screaming out of the closet…

April 13, 2011

ActiveRainWhat do I use ActiveRain for? Let’s see now… I have a multitude of uses for ActiveRain, 365 of them, one for each day of the year!

According to Lenn Harley, ActiveRain is in her business plan. I know Lenn is not the only one, it is in mine for sure. She wrote a fantastic post on it recently, if you haven’t checked it out you really should. Lenn is one of my mentors here in the ‘rain, never has she given me bad advice. Hard, maybe, bad, NEVER. (But I am sure you ALL know Lenn…)

But what do I use ActiveRain for? I came here just over 2 years ago because I got a call from one of those SEO companies who promised to put me on the Internet Map. I let them give me the report for free, then I was to call back and go over it with them, making sure that I had my credit card in my hand. The call never went past the secretary that answered the phone. She mentioned ActiveRain, and in my typical fashion, I pretended to know what it was all about. She made the appointment for me to have a phone meeting with one of their reps for the next day, I hung up and raced over to my computer and typed in

ActiveRain Blogging foolI was up all night reading, fascinated! I couldn’t believe I had no idea about ActiveRain, but I knew this was the best thing that happened since sliced bread. (FYI, within 3 days I was hooked.) I canceled the appointment with the SEO company the next morning, called my own website people and spoke to them at great length about what I had been doing wrong and what I wanted to do. They were thrilled I had finally “gotten” it.

But I digress…. (call me Sophia)

I use ActiveRain to gain knowledge and power over my real estate career. If there is a question I have, the answer will be here. Take this morning, I posted a question to my peers about an issue I was having with marketing a property. I was, for some reason, hitting a brick wall. I posted about it, asked for opinions, and got quite a few. (By the way Nutsy, I may need you and your friend with the boat after all, stay tuned.) After reading and thinking, the fog lifted and I was able to do my Realbird property flyer for the property. Use #365 I think.

Besides knowledge and power over my career, I also use ActiveRain as my creative outlet. I was, pre AR, a closet writer. ActiveRain brought me screaming out of the closet at high speed. ActiveRain has also given me some pretty cool friendships that I treasure as much as real life friends. As a matter of fact, I consider my ActiveRain friends to BE real life and real live friends. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise to me!

Use ActiveRain to its fullest, find your power here, meet friends here, learn all there is to learn from the best of the best. Get yourself in a better position on Google… whatever… And, if you are like me, come out of the closet with your writing (and photography, in my case) passions!

Find YOUR 365 reasons to blog on ActiveRain!

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