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My oh my check those listings!

April 10, 2011

check your listingsReading a few posts this week about what we actually put on the multiple listing service this week was fun. I mean, seriously. Every week I look forward to Gwen Banta and her posts of faux pas’ found on the MLS, if you haven’t read them you are missing a great big laugh. I was able to contribute once, and was proud as a peacock to see what I had found on there.

Then there was This Won’t Last, The Kiss of Death, written by Tni LeBlanc. She warns us about using the ole “this won’t last” in our MLS descriptions. Oh boy is she ever right, every time I see that I roll my eyes back in my head.

And how many reminders have we read here about our photos, making sure they are within the season, the toilet seats are not up, the rooms are clean, they are straight, well lit, that we use wide angle lenses, on and on. I wince when I see bad photos on the MLS, drives me crazy I have to say.

But this week I found the best. I will preface this by saying that I rather resent the following in an MLS description, “$XXXX bonus to buyers agent if in contract by XX/XX/XX. I might be an oddity, but to me, with buyers agency, this is just not kosher. I don’t look at the commission splits as a basis for showing a home, nor do I appreciate sending a listing to a client that has that in the public remarks about the house. Maybe it’s just me… who knows, although I am sure you will tell me your thoughts on the subject, please!

But the other day I saw a whopper. A multi million dollar home, which has been on the market for just shy of 2 years. In the remarks it was noted that there was a hefty buyers agent bonus if in contract by a specific date in…


Now there you have it, wow, how about that? I think that just about says it all, except that we certainly need to go back, check and recheck our listings, lest we want to end up featured on Gwen’s page with an outcrapping of rocks, or Tni LeBlanc’s cross hairs with a 6 month listing that says “this one won’t last!”. Or heaven forbid, 2 years later showing an expired offer for a hefty bonus to the selling agent. After all, our attention to detail is one of the things our sellers are paying us for, if we can get the house sold that is.

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