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You can have all the toys in the world….

April 4, 2011

Come play with meAs some of you read, my office merged with a pretty amazing company, Prudential Connecticut Realty. I thought Prudential Adams was pretty amazing, but we were small, and competing with the big boys was daunting at times, if you know what I mean. I have been spending the past few days going over what toys and tools they have available for me to use, and learning how I can use them to benefit my clients.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of toys and tools in my own toybox before our merger. But let’s be honest, finding all the tools takes time, and often tools can be expensive. But now, I have a huge toy box just full of great stuff! And the support to back it up!

Then it dawned on me. We can have all the toys and tools in the world at our disposal. But they come second. We come first. Smoke and mirrors only lasts so long before the smoke dissipates and the mirrors break, leaving us standing with our mouths open, drooling on our sleeves. But that is something I don’t like to do, drooling on my sleeve that is. I have gleaned so much knowledge from my time here on ActiveRain, always on the leading edge, reading up and learning about the latest and greatest tools and techniques. Hearing the news as it happens, understanding the real estate market from the inside out from some of the best professionals in the business. Getting the best education on how to do the best job I can for my clients, and all for free.

Now combine the education I have received from all you wonderful people here on ActiveRain with the new toys I was just given… I got myself one big kick butt type of sandbox going on now!

The day of the merger I felt a bit like the red headed step child, and was more than a bit nervous about fitting in. After all, “corporate” is not a word in my vocabulary. (Aren’t you shocked to read that?) A Prudential Connecticut manager walked straight to me when she came in. She knew who I was, had been reading my blog, she was thrilled that I am an active blogger, that my Google rankings beat many of the big companies in my area. I know my face turned red, I was not expecting that.

So, maybe you have all the latest and greatest toys, but if you don’t play nice with them, or don’t know how to use them properly, or present yourself poorly, no one is going to come and play with you. Me? Now I have all the latest and greatest toys and tools, and look out, I’m going to invite a whole lot more people into my sandbox to play! And boy are we going to have fun.

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