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What do I know?

March 23, 2011

Blogging fat ladyNot a whole lot I guess. I have been twisting and turning for days, trying to make sense where none exists. It is truly a hard enough road to sell any house these days, toss in a distressed property or two and you have the perfect recipe for …. a fun filled day in the world of real estate!

What do I know anyway? There was a time when I wouldn’t have to say things like the following. Now these are part of my standard responses. I bet you have some new “standard responses” in real estate these days too… feel free to add them at the end!

  • No, you can’t take the all the trees and shrubs and sell them…. it’s a bit too late for that…
  • Yes, we really do need to put a sign up
  • The neighbors already know your plight, trust me
  • I cannot list your house if you don’t sign the listing contract, I swear
  • The lender will know you didn’t put the money back into the house, I won’t have to tell them
  • Seriously, leave the stove and the fridge, perhaps you might leave the plumbing also?
  • I’m sorry, yes I went to the town hall to see if there are any liens against the house
  • We really do have to work this whole “addition without a permit” out before we list
  • No, you can’t keep the acreage in the back to build another house when things get better
  • Well, someone’s gotta pay me….

How simple is it…. I ain’t a rocket scientist…. but I do know real estate.

Back to the grind!

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