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The party might be over…

March 22, 2011

Flowers and beesThe best is yet to come! I was lucky blessed enough to be asked by Sally Cheeseman to be one of the judges in her Spring Renewal Contest. The contest is closed, the posts are in, now the hard work begins. Deciding who wins… wow, that is really tough. Even if you didn’t enter, you should stop by and get re-energized by those who did participate.

Interesting thing happened on the way to the finish line…. I read some amazing posts, very inspiring posts. I had more than a few “ah ha” moments along the way. Uplifting and inspiring posts I have to say, and some insights into personal lives that I never expected. It was curious to me that so many think of spring as the beginning of new things, a fresh start in life. Much like we say the New Year is, but those resolutions often fall by the wayside. Spring seemed to mean so much more to many of you.

To all who participated in this contest, thank you. Sally (Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul) and Anna Banana (Bananatude) will thank you for your participation, I am thanking you for opening your hearts to me. Thank you for sharing your ideas for spring renewal and for inspiring me to get off my frozen winter butt and make more of my life, to be brave, to stretch my wings and soar, to enjoy more family time, to meditate, to be grateful for the small things in life, just to BE in the moment.

When we are at peace with ourselves, when we are truly happy and grateful with our lives, I firmly believe the rest will fall into place.

Happy Spring!

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