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Motivations and parades, cuz it sure ain’t the money these days…

March 20, 2011

'raining on my paradeInspired by Richard Weisser, (as always), and his latest post “I closed a very hard deal yesterday. Now I don’t know what to do!” (Richard’s post is “members only”) I couldn’t help but think about those post closing blues. Richard talks about a deal that has taken up way to much of his time, he feels beaten and abused. The deal closed and he is left with an extra six hours per day to do something with. We all have had that feeling, “please let it be over”… then when it’s over… what?

Years ago I remember being told by someone high up in the corporate world that money is really only a short term motivator. At the time I didn’t believe him, but then again, I was an hourly wage employee who sure could have used a raise! I looked around me, those who made more per hour were not really better than I was. And raise time didn’t produce a new race of super workers. Perhaps he was right, the motivation has to come from within, not from the wallet. We have to like what we do, we really have to motivate ourselves.

We in the real estate business have to be motivated or we don’t make money. The carrot is dangling in front of us, if we don’t reach out for it, if we don’t grab that carrot we don’t eat, we can’t pay our bills, etc. So money, for us, should not a short term motivator. The carrot, the prize, the paycheck is a huge part of our motivation to close a deal. But it is often not our only motivator, that’s for sure. And now, with the carrot shrinking from a full sized carrot to a shredded carrot matchstick (in many cases), I wonder what our motivation really is.

fireworksAnd when a deal closes these days, it usually has had its difficult moments. We sit at the closing table, we get our checks (which more often than not have shrunk in proportion to the almost herculean amount of work done). Then what? It is almost like the proverbial “post Christmas let-down” syndrome. The day is done, the presents opened, now what? No more build up, no more nothing… one stinkin’ little present that doesn’t nearly represent how good you have been, how hard you worked.

After reading Richards’ post I thought there should have been a parade in his honor. Fireworks, something to note his efforts. And now, he has 6 extra hours per day to fill up. I wonder if the general population has any idea of what it takes for us to sell homes now. Of the fact our wallets are thinner, our nerves frayed, all in the interest of getting the deal done for a significantly smaller carrot.

When I close a deal I will often come here to ActiveRain to get my parade. I guess you could say I come her to get my parade ‘rained on… I think many of us do. In my “real world”, many don’t even know what it might have taken to close the deal. No parade, no fanfare, no nothing. And many times not even enough to pay the bills.

Where do you get your motivations from? Who holds your parades? Are you suffering the post closing let down syndrome these days?

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