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Things are popping out all over!!!!!

March 15, 2011

Spring Renewal on ActiveRainI cannot enter the Spring Renewal Contest put out there by Sally Cheeseman (Positive Attitude for the Weary Sould) and Anna Banana Kruchten (Bananatude) because I am a judge. However YOU can. Check out the contest here! I have read some very thought provoking and inspirational posts already. And I am looking forward to reading more.

As the snow melts here in Connecticut (my yard is almost snow free), as we clean up from too much rain and snow melt, as the flooding subsides, my thoughts turn to other exciting thing.

  • Flowers are pushing through the now thawing earth
  • Buds are forming on some of the trees
  • The days are warming up

I am waiting for the earth to pop!

I am also waiting for my daughter to pop…
Waiting for baby

Any day now my third grandson will make his entrance into this world. Of course any day now could be any time in the next week or two, but IMHO sooner would be better! She tells me she has some things she wants to finish up at work before the baby arrives, however I explained to her that baby will make up his own mind. I did pick a date and put it on my calendar…. I picked St. Patrick’s Day, and now that it is on my calendar….

So as I wait for the special and very personal wonders of this spring, how about sharing your spring renewal thoughts and experiences with the Spring Renewal Contest? You have until March 21st to share your Spring Renewal entry with the world. Inspire us, make us laugh, put a tear in our eye, whatever. But do enter!

Meanwhile… she is still looking for names… different, unique… any thoughts? (her oldest baby, who was the first baby of the year in 2010 here in New Milford is named Lucius, the name has to be something as different as Lucius. I have been pouring through names and sending them to her, so far, nothing…)

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