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The dilemma of a closing gift. What to give, what will they like, what will leave a piece of me?

March 13, 2011

Cape Pogue Light HouseEach of my clients presents a unique opportunity to express my creativity. I cannot say that every closing gift is the same because all my clients are different. Over the years I have made up gift baskets for clients, choosing items they may need for the house in the first few days, a bottle of wine or juice, special glasses, cheese, crackers, dish towels, wine opener, on and on. When there are children in the family I have done up a little basket for them too, with a few special toys. I remember on the way to a closing, the kids gift basket was in the back of the car, I hit a bump in the road and all of a sudden one of the toys started making noises and wouldn’t stop! I couldn’t reach it, and had to listen to it for the next 10 minutes, laughing like a fool!

As time went by I started including my photos in frames to clients. Sometimes I allow them to pick what photos they want, other times I pick the photo for them. One time, for a seller who had to move out of state to take care of a family member, I framed a photo I took of their home and mailed it to them. They were thrilled beyond belief! I have been back to visit clients homes, my photography is still on their walls. This is exactly what I want! I hope they will think of me when they look at my gift!

essolene gas pumpEach client is a challenge for me, an opportunity to find something that they will enjoy, something that will remind them of me. Do they seem to enjoy the country scenery as we drive around looking at homes? If so, I might pick a photograph of am old barn. Are they water people? Perhaps a river or lake photo. Are they more on the artistic side? Do they like cows? Oh, if they like cows I have hit the jackpot! Because my signature line in my emails includes a link to my Picasa Web Albums, many times they have already seen some of my work and told me which ones they like the best. I hit the “that was easy” button after that type of experience!

I remember the day that I realized I loved to take pictures. Photographs have become an important part of my life since that moment, it is a gift I can pass on to clients that is certainly a part of me, that means something to me as well as to them.

Each photograph is a moment in time, a special moment of MY time, forever frozen for me to give as a gift to others.

Old Barn New Milford CT


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