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Pelmeni Day!

March 13, 2011
Russians love to eat, and eat really good food! It is a process, from the planning, to the cooking to the actual eating. It is something to be shared, to be enjoyed, something that takes time.

For a week my husband, Alexei, has been planning to cook pelmeni today with the help of our 3 year old grandson. Now let me say that making pelmeni is no easy task. Pelmeni are a form of dumplings, unleavened dough with a pork and beef filling. You have to roll out the pelmeni into small, thin circles then fill them with the meat filling. Then you have to form them in the perfect shape. I know that it often becomes quite an affair. We have, in the past, had a table full of friends and family making this delectible treat!

Out comes the coveted Russian Cookbook, and no, I can’t read a word of it. This is his prize possession, I remember he told me one of the meat recipes began with “get a cow”… etc. Did I say it is old? But the dishes he makes from these worn and yellowed pages are the most delectable, fantastic assaults on the food senses. For those of you lucky enough to have eaten Russian food, you know what I am talking about. Herring under a fur coat, salad Olivier, borscht (I make a mean borscht I have to tell you), blini, aladushki, oh, the list goes on and on and on. But I digress, today was pelmeni day in the Tchernichov household.

Success! Cailan devoured his creation, covered in sour cream. We have enough to enjoy for a day or two, all is right with the world!


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