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Change change change…

March 10, 2011

Veterans Memorial Bridge New Milford CTChange the clocks, change the photos, change, change, change! As spring rapidly approaches it is really time to think about changing things around. Those listings that have snow photos, time to go! We all know that. But what about other things that we may not realize need changing out?

I have slide show headers that reflect the seasons here on my two websites. It is no easy production to change these, it involves work on my part. I have been trying to work on it over the past few days, and hope to finish up this weekend. Unfortunately I have had some important items crop up in deals I have going on that have taken up lots of time. The face of the deal is changing, and I need to adjust and change at every step of the way.

But what else should I change?

Veterans Memorial Bridge New Milford CTI always thought I liked change, you know, shake things up a bit. As I get a bit older, I find that perhaps that may not be true. Certain things I don’t want changed, for instance a few months ago my favorite place to stop and get coffee closed. Not good, that changed my whole routine in the morning. I have adapted, but I am still not happy about it. Then there is the change at the gas pumps… forget that change, I will never like that.

Change in business can be very difficult too, as we are all painfully aware. We have had to change our attitudes and the attitudes of our clients. Technology changes, prices change, change, change, change. What cannot change is my adaptation to change. Realizing that I may not respond well to change is something that needs to change in me. So as I change the clocks ahead this weekend, as I change out all the headers on my website, perhaps I need to really examine my business and make the appropriate changes there too!

After all, real estate, like life, is fluid and ever changing!

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