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Start your morning right with a fresh NEW day

March 8, 2011

Sunrise New Milford CT A very wise man taught me that the best thing about today is that I get to start my day fresh and clean. That means, if yesterday I did not do my best, if for the past month I did not do my best, if even for the last year I didn’t do my best, it does not have to be the story of my life. It doesn’t need to define me for the future.

I can wake up today and change the way I do things, what I did yesterday is a thing of the past. If my work habits were sloppy, if I didn’t call someone back, if I let an opportunity pass, those are things of the past. If I was negative, today I can be positive, if I was stressed, today I can be relaxed. My choice.

Each day is a clean slate, I get to chose how I will write on it!

Those of you who took his “Sweathogs” training may have heard this too. I took the class with Shelly Spiegel oh so long ago. I still remember him telling us that it didn’t matter what we did before “today”. Today is a new day, things can be very different if we choose to make them so.

Today is a fresh NEW day, never been used before, enjoy it, seize it, make it the best!

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