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I saved a boatload of money yesterday, I am happier than a pig in s#$@!!!!

March 6, 2011

happy shopping at aldi storesSaving money anywhere these days is such a treat, the gas prices are killing us, the winter was a cold one, electric, propane and oil bills are through the roof. After I visit the grocery store I often wonder why I bother to eat. Yesterday I made a field trip to see just what all the scuttlebutt is really about. You see, New Milford, CT is getting an ALDI store!!!  I had heard people talking here and there about it, how it would save me money, how great it is, on and on. So I asked the girls if they wanted to make the trek to Torrington, CT and check out ALDI’s.

I am more than pleasantly surprised! We made out like bandits, as we were walking out of the store with our booty, a Torrington police cruiser pulled in, I thought we were going to be arrested for stealing! Seriously, at a time when going to the grocery store can bring on an anxiety attack, a trip to an ALDI grocery store can put you in a wildly delirious state!

I stood in front of the dairy section in total disbelief. A gallon of milk, $1.89, a pound of butter, $2.39, a brick of cheddar cheese, $1.49, I turned to my oldest daughter and said I felt like a kid in a candy store! Meanwhile she was loading her carriage up with 3 gallons of milk…

Was it worth the trip? The ALDI store in Torrington, CT is 23.7 miles from my house. The price of gas yesterday where I filled up was $3.77 per gallon. I probably averaged 20 miles to the gallon, yes, I would say it was worth it. For what we all walked out with collectively would have cost well over $450, of that I am sure. Together we paid around $250, we were loaded with important items that we buy all the time. My car was full to the brim, the trunk was packed, there were bags squeezed in the car between all of us.

I heard from our cashier that the ALDI store planned for New Milford, CT should be opening in August. Not soon enough if you ask me, but it gives me something big to look forward to! There are 3 ALDI stores within a half hour to 40 minutes from New Milford, CT, depending on what part of town you live in.

  • ALDI, 320 East Elm St, Torrington, CT
  • ALDI, 62 Chase Ave, Waterbury, CT
  • ALDI, 464 Reidville Dr, Waterbury, CT

They currently list 18 stores in Connecticut, so perhaps you can work a visit to an ALDI store in with another trip! They are operating in 31 states across the US, and even spread to Europe!

Bring a quarter to get a carriage, you will get it back when you return the carriage.

Bring your own bags.
They sometimes have boxes, and will sell you bags if needed.

They do not take checks or credit cards.
They take cash, pin based debit cards and EBT cards.

We all saved a boatload of money yesterday, I am happier than a pig in s#$@!!!!

happy shopping at aldi stores

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