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This just puts the icing on my little cow pie cake…

March 1, 2011

“Preferred Brokers” with BofA….

The Cow Pie FactoryYes, icing on my cow pie cake… Yesterday I got a Google alert for “New Milford CT Real Estate” with a link to a Bank of America real estate search. I clicked the link, I admit I had to do a little searching around because the link as it came to me didn’t exist, but I found it. BofA allows people to search for homes through their website! Of course there is a tab for BofA foreclosures, in my area it provided no results for foreclosures, but in searching for a home there were many. Apparently they have “Preferred Brokers” who provide the IDX feed.

The “preferred broker” is from out of the area. Way out of the area….

The first search results note in the box “Broker Reciprocity”. When you click on the home there is no information that states who the listing broker is, such as “listing courtesy Prudential Adams…”. In Connecticut we MUST say who the listing broker is when using IDX, interesting that this CT broker did  not realize they were breaking MLS rules by allowing this to happen. As a side note, when I first signed on to use Realbird, I realized they did not have this. I quickly contacted them and they fixed the issue right away. I didn’t want anyone searching through me and NOT seeing who the listing was courtesy of. Not worth any problems I could have run into. Guess BofA doesn’t know or doesn’t care, and apparently neither does the “Preferred Broker”.

BofA does provide a disclaimer that they are not responsible for information contained… bla bla bla, and that they are not in the real estate business.

A while back I wrote a post about Zillow’s policy of selling zip codes to people. Some of the people who own my zip codes are from the other side of CT. That was not making me happy… and now this. I wonder how you get Preferred Broker status with BofA, I am thinking it may have something to do with who they use to list foreclosures. I could be wrong. Now that would certainly provide a buyer with someone who knows the local market, can get the best house for the best price for the consumer. And of course if the buyer is using BofA to get the mortgage for this home, well…. we all know BofA wants the absolute best service for their clients!

Maybe I am suffering from sour grape syndrome, but honestly it is tiring to see these things. Companies who the consumers tend to have respect for are selling preferred realtor/broker status in one way or another.

I am not a happy camper with BofA for many reasons, this one just really puts the icing on my little cow pie cake!

Cow Pie Anyone?



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