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What if… we use the power of our words to start a revolution.

February 25, 2011

What if… we use the power of our words to start a revolution.

HomelessI read a post this morning by Massachusetts Real Estate and Title Attorney Elliott Topkins titled “The Other End of the Telephone- I’m starting to wonder whether it exists”. I was so moved by this short post I hit the suggest button. Apparently the AR gods agreed with me!

Mr. Topkins post had an effect on me he probably didn’t expect or intend. All I could think of was, ‘it’s time to start a revolution, to stand up and say NO MORE!

I don’t quite know how to start a revolution, I admit it. But we have so many stories of incompetence on the part of banks, some of them should trigger people being taken out of their jobs in handcuffs to stand in front of a judge and jury. Some of the posts I read make me want to bring back the town square stockades and public floggings.

I know that many of our posts are picked up by local media. Now it’s time our stories are read to the people we elected to public office. It’s time to stop this senseless slaughter of those who have fallen onto hard times, and it is slaughter.

I am beginning to think no one is listening. I know we here on ActiveRain care, I know the people it directly affects care, but who else really cares about the cold, hard truth? And where is The NAR on this? Why aren’t they doing more? Why aren’t THEY churning out the horror stories, the stories documentaries of incompetence on the part of the lenders, en mass, to the powers that be in government? We have provided them with enough information to literally bury Capital Hill in volumes of paper.

 I cannot believe that our stories are ignored, that there is not something being done on a large scale to stop this. I truly believe that there is more to Mr. Topkins post than first meets the eye.

What if… we used the power of our words here on ActiveRain to start a revolution?

I know it won’t happen, I just needed to vent a bit… things will go on as they have been, our stories will continue to fall on deaf ears, we will continue to have horror stories told to us, we will do what we can, go home and weep for those who are losing everything, we will continue to feel powerless to help so many, and most importantly, we will continue to watch children suffer at the hands of those who could make a difference and don’t. And I am sad to report, I am not a revolutionary, unfortunately.

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