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Surviving My Own Serengeti, the Journey of a Lifetime!

February 20, 2011

Surviving My Own Serengeti, the Journey of a Lifetime!

Surviving Your SERENGETIAfter being enticed to read a sneak preview of the book, Surviving Your SERENGETI, 7 Skills to Master Business and Life by Stephan Swanepoel, and further enticed to write about it, I was actually very pleased I did. I am anxious to read the rest of the book, the first 2 chapters left me hungry for more. I could see a similarity of my own struggles in my life and real estate career within the struggles of the wildlife who call the Serengeti their home. Smart man this Mr. Swanepoel.

My very own Serengeti. The quiz available to take after reading the story says that I am the Enterprising Crocodile, which surprised me at first. The Enterprising Crocodile is an entrepreneur, according to Mr. Swanepoel, which further puzzled me. But then I really read the characteristics of the Enterprising Crocodile, and it made more and more sense to me. Here is a simplified breakdown of the traits of the Enterprising Crocodile as they apply to me.

  • I love to think outside the box
  • I am dedicated to self advancement AND advancement of my organization
  • I am determined to succeed
  • I am willing to spend long hours working alone

The Enterprising CrocThe results say that those who are determined to succeed are also self confident. Uh oh.. this is the hardest thing I have to work on in my life, this is MY big elephant in my room. As I wrote in my last post, “Hey Bob, you are shoving me outside my comfort zone”, what I once perceived or preferred to believe was shyness was really a lack of self confidence. What timing to have found this book at this moment in my life! If I am to survive in my own Serengeti, self confidence is key!

My goal for 2011 is to push the envelope, to stay outside the box, to dedicate even more time to my self advancement and to succeed, and of course as I push harder and harder outside my box, with each success, I will gain more and more self confidence. Then I will truly be the Enterprising Crocodile and living successfully and happily in MY VERY OWN SERENGETI!

Start your own safari!

Download a preview of the first 2 chapters of Surviving Your SERENGETI by Stephan Swanepoel.
Take the quiz! Find out which animal you are in your own Serengeti.

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