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Hey! Bob! You are shoving me outside my comfort zone here!

February 18, 2011

Hey! Bob! You are shoving me outside my comfort zone here! (and other personal revelations….)

ShyCommunity Evangelist Bob Stewart left a great comment on my post yesterday about free publicity I got from the newspaper. He suggested that I (we) should pull together 8 or 9 of my (our) best posts and send them to the editor of our local paper and see if they would want me to write articles on a regular basis for the paper. Once a week, once a month, but on a regular basis.

I actually broke out in a cold sweat when I read it. I do recognize that since I joined ActiveRain I have been stepping farther and farther outside my comfort zone. It was so difficult to hit that post button the first time, I was thinking that I sounded like a real fool, and there was no way I could stack up against the people whose posts I had already read. I was a mass of wiggling jelly that day, but I was determined to blog, and blog I did! But this suggestion was just too much.

Stepping outside my comfort zone. This is something I continue to do each day when I blog. Funny thing is I always suffered from what I perceived as shyness. Now I am realizing that it is more about not having self confidence than about being shy. (it’s complicated, what can I say) And ActiveRain helps me to overcome this on a daily basis. I have a built in barometer right here on ActiveRain, we all do. It is in the form of comments from our fellow ActiveRainer’s. This came to me in a flash while I was being overtaken by my cold sweat from Bob’s comment. My knee jerk reaction to Bob’s comment was “what paper would want to publish me, why would anyone want to read what I have to say about real estate?”!

You may think I jest, I seriously started to get very upset at the mere thought of doing this. Then a voice in the back of my head said… HEY…. YOU…. for everything you have written here you have had the BEST test audience of all, fellow real estate professionals, from all parts of the country, from different markets, agents, attorneys, home inspectors, home stagers, on and on. I have enjoyed great success here on ActiveRain in many ways, learning so many things, getting more business, meeting some very awesome people… but perhaps my biggest success is learning to step outside my comfort zone with the help of every single one of you who have left a comment on my posts.

Are you stepping outside your comfort zone here? If not, why not? You are shoving me outside my comfort zone, fair is fair after all….

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