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Thank you ActiveRain, that was a pretty cool anniversary present you sent my way!

February 17, 2011

Thank you ActiveRain!Very excited here… Free publicity! Two days ago marked two years I have been blogging, and what a two years it has been! From making new friends to learning all sorts of things about marketing, short sales, real estate in general, on and on, blogging is an important part of my daily activities. I blog to get myself noticed, to rise to the top, to be found in the search engines, to show off my knowledge and expertise. And apparently it is working!

Yesterday I got a call from a reporter at the Danbury NewsTimes. She wanted to talk to me about the latest property revaluations we just went through in New Milford. I wrote a few posts about it, which brought me to her attention. I was surprised to say the least, when I was board president I got a few calls, but usually they want to interview brokers.

I hope I sounded ok, I was certainly not prepared but did my best. More importantly, she wants a photo of me in front of a listing, and the one I put under deposit in 6 days was perfect in her eyes. Plus they are looking for one more house with a real estate sign in front of it. that was tough, the winter has taken it’s toll on all the real estate signs in town. I spoke with my broker and we picked another listing in the office that still has it’s sign standing! (on a side note, we hope that the next few days of warm weather will allow us to get close to our signs, or find the panels that are buried in the snow banks)

Free publicity for me, all in all, a very good day indeed! Thank you ActiveRain, that was a pretty cool anniversary present you sent my way!  And as my mother-in-law (who is in the arts) says, “if they aren’t talking about you, they aren’t talking about you” And they will be talking about me!

Thank you ActiveRain!

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