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A bit like Realtor Cupid!

February 14, 2011

Realtor Cupid you say?

Realtor CupidI sat with my sellers tonight going over an offer on their home. It was a quick conversation, the offer was clean and good. They were very happy. I understood from the buyers agent her clients were first time home buyers but knew no more than that, other than they were well qualified and of course had no house to sell!

On the way home from my clients house I called the agent back to tell her the offer had been accepted, it was signed and I would deliver it to her first thing in the morning, she was so happy for her clients. This was house number 3, they lost 2 others for who knows what reason.

But it was even more special than that, she told me that she wanted to share the good news with them right away because they would be over the top happy, she was afraid to call. You see… Mr. Buyer was proposing to Ms. Buyer this very evening. He had whispered to the agent after they wrote up the offer, and was certainly more than a bit nervous. I suggested she text him the great news, she thought that would be perfect!

What a Valentines Day for that couple! A marriage proposal and a house all at the same time, on a very special day. I bet they will have such a hard time topping this Valentines Day!

We all feel good, and I feel a bit like Realtor Cupid tonight…


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