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Meeting another ActiveRainer!

February 11, 2011

Meeting another ActiveRainer! Thursday is caravan day in New Milford. It was the first time since before Christmas we were able to hold our caravan with all the snow, ice and holidays. We had too many homes to see and it was freezing cold, parking our cars was a challenge, and some of the driveways and walkways were a bit on the scary side. But yesterdays caravan was a bit special for me. I got to meet Dana Voelzke of McCaffrey Realty Professionals, at caravan! She walked right up to me and said “I know who you are” as I was saying the same thing to her!

Dana’s office is in Brookfield, although we overlap in some towns, I have not had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but I keep my eye on her here in the ‘rain for sure! It was like seeing someone you see all the time! I have met a few ActiveRainer’s, each and every time it was like meeting an old friend. But this was a bit special for me, Dana and I are so close yet never ran into each other. And truth be told, it was just really cool to have someone recognize me like that because of my blogging.

Thanks Dana, I really enjoyed it. I hope we run into each other again real soon.

Dana and Andrea

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