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Are you just talking the talk? Or do you walk the long, hard walk too?

February 9, 2011

Are you just talking the talk? Or do you walk the long, hard walk too?

Frog surfing the webI was out the other day having a coffee and minding my own business when I overheard a conversation. An agent was explaining to a potential customer about how important the internet is when listing a home. The usual speech was in progress when I sat down, you know the one. “87% of buyers start their home search online, your home has to be on the internet… once I place the home on the multiple listing service it will go to … and from there to …” then a slew of larger real estate firms with well established websites were rattled off like, Coldwell Banker, C21, on and on. The person never mentioned their own firm, or their own website for that matter. (They don’t have a website, that was catty of me.)

Wow, if it were only that easy I thought to myself. If only I didn’t have to spend all the time I do with online marketing. I had no idea that it would be so simple. Just put it on the MLS and voila, all the internet marketing you could ever want magically appears! No muss, no fuss!

I chuckled a bit, then it hit me, this was not a chucking matter! This home owner was buying it, hook line and sinker! I was thinking about how hard I work once I take a listing, how many hours I spend taking photos, picking the best photos and making them perfect, putting a web flyer of house on Realbird, my website, blogging about it, working on keywords to attract buyers, enhancing it on, doing a video and putting it on Youtube. And the general public probably doesn’t even care. I work for hours and hours to make sure the house gets as much exposure as I can get it online, so that those 87% of the people who are online looking will find it with no difficulty at all.

I might have thought that perhaps the conversation went the way it did because the potential seller was in over their heads as far as understaing the internet. Except I know the person who was talking. They truly don’t do any internet marketing.

Do you explain the importance of internet marketing? Do you point sellers to your websites and blogs, to your online flyers? Do you tell them to Google homes that you have on the market? I do, but perhaps not enough. I spend so many hours marketing homes, perhaps it is time to spend hours putting a marketing book together explaining what I do and why I do it. I do have a marketing section in my CMA, don’t misunderstand me. I am thinking I need more. Perhaps a professional looking marketing book to accompany my market analysis, explaining the difference between what I do and just putting your house on the MLS and hoping that is enough. Explain how I work to get those 87% of the people to look at their house rather than the zillion others that are online.

So how about you? Are you just talking the talk, or are you walking the long, hard walk too?

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