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If you’re not feeling the love from me…

February 6, 2011

If you’re not feeling the love from me, I haven’t forgotten you, really I haven’t.

Blogging fat ladyI have started moderating two groups here in the ‘rain, and boy am I having fun! Two very special women asked me to help them, how could I refuse? A chance to give back to them for all they do here in the ‘rain, a chance to give back to all the great people posting here, a chance to meet new people ever day. Wow! I get to read some totally amazing things, sometimes even connecting with some of my good friends. But it also means I can’t make it to some of my most favorite people’s posts. And for this I am sorry… I am missing some of you terribly lately!


I do have an idea though… (can’t you smell the wood burning?)

Come and post to the groups I am moderating! The groups are totally amazing. I know I am having fun.

Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul (Sally Cheeseman)
BananaTude (Anna Banana Kruchten)

If you don’t know Sally or Anna, you are missing something special. These ladies are totally amazing, they are positive, upbeat, smart women who have added so much to ActiveRain. It has been my pleasure to get to know both Sally and Anna over the last few years. They are not only stellar bloggers, but they are pure professionals.

So, do me a favor so I don’t miss out on my buddies? Start posting to these groups, that way I can have my cake and eat it to! (Yes, this is a very yourselfish post, I shamelessly admit it)

If you’re not feeling the love from me, you know what to do!

ActiveRain Cool Groups!

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