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Can you tell me, did it snow on January 25th?

February 3, 2011

Can you tell me, did it snow on January 25th?


Huh?My mind is racing… how would I know… is this a trick question? But this guy REALLY wants to know and insists I KNOW the answer.

But you write about snow, I am READING stuff on the internet, written by you, about SNOW. You clearly are keeping a snow log….

Hmmm… a snow log… interesting concept. While he was insisting that I tell him if it snowed or not on January 25th, I checked to see if I wrote something about snow on January 25th. Nope, I didn’t.

Clearly I have no idea if it snowed or not on January 25th in New Milford. Do I look like the weather woman? Hey… I am fed up with the snow, I am suffering from a wicked case of cabin fever, and writing about the snow is a form of THERAPY… but seriously, I do NOT keep a snow journal. (But if I had to guess…. it probably did snow on January 25th. I mean… take a look outside buddy, we have piles of snow higher than buildings, we will have snow on the ground until June…)

Much to his dismay…. I didn’t write anything on January 25th to prove it snowed.

So I asked the question, since I had tried to help him, would he please tell me why this was so important to him?

He just got the bill from the guy who plows for him. He was billed for plowing on January 25th, and he doesn’t remember if it snowed or not on January 25th. And he doesn’t want to pay for it if it didn’t actually snow.

So now I am really thinking about this all the way home from the office. And boy do I wish he had called my cell phone instead of the office phone so I could call him back. Turns out I did keep a snow journal, every time it snowed I took photos. Here is my car, the day after the January 25th storm.


I’m thinking he better pay that snow plow guy….

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