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New Milford, CT Real Estate Talk, choosing the right agent to list your home.

February 2, 2011

New Milford, CT Real Estate Talk, finding the right agent to sell your home.

Dear Andrea, we would love to use you to sell our house but the other agent gave us a higher price!

New Milford CT Real Estate TalkYes indeed, this is very real and very worrisome. Choosing the agent who gave you the higher price is more than a gamble these days. Our real estate market in New Milford, CT is tough at best. In the month of January NINE homes sold only. Currently there are just 5 homes under deposit and 18 homes waiting to close. My experience shows me that any one of these homes under deposit or pending could blow up at any time. You will be competing against a number of homes for sale, so unless yours is the brightest and the best and priced right, that sale you are looking for is as elusive as spring seems to be right now!

Before you decide on your agent based on price, check out the New Milford, CT real estate market. Make sure you know how many homes are selling, how many homes will be your competition. Then ask the big question, what is the agent going to do to push your home to the top of the charts with prospective buyers! What type of internet marketing is going to be done? What is their track record for sales?

Check out the type of internet marketing the agent is doing. Look at the agent’s work.  Are the pictures high quality? Where do they push the online flyers to? Do they even do online flyers? Are they using Youtube for video’s? Are they even doing any type of video? Will they market your home in the best light possible to the largest amount of people possible?

In a market where only NINE homes sold last month and 214 homes currently on the market, basing your decision of an agent based on who gave you the hightest price will cost you in the end. Our market continues to see lower prices. So in 4, 5 or 6 months when your house is still for sale, it will be worth even less than it is today.

Homes sold New Milford CT 2010-2011

You know that declining real estate market you are reading about all the time, seeing on the news? Guess what? It includes you home too!

Then there are the lenders to think about. Banks are not so quick to give out loans these days. Appraisers are more careful than ever and a good number of deals that fall apart these days are due to issues with the mortgage. Somehow the lender just doesn’t care what you want to get for your home. They will scrutinize every detail of the appraisal, possibly even the inspection. And they may make the buyers jump through all sorts of hoops for a mortgage. They are looking to make sure the investment is a sound one!

Picking your real estate agent because they gave you the highest price for your home will probably cost you a great deal in the end!


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