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The weight of the snow can feel like the weight of the world.

February 1, 2011

The weight of the snow can feel like the weight of the world.

The stewards of our land and animals need your prayers but will probably never ask.

New Milford CT Barn roof in snowA friend lost half her free stall barn last night, the good news is she only lost one calf out of over a hundred cows. The bad news, the cows have no access to fresh water and they can’t give them grain until the mess is cleaned up. This makes milking them harder than ever. She lives on the other side of the state, a few barns in her area have already gone down, killing a few of the animals.

The farmers are trying to keep things going but for some it will mean the end of a way of life that feeds us all.

Here in New Milford another friend is losing his barn. There are probably 40 to 60 cows inside, he would have no place to shift them to if the barn goes down. And he is too old to get up on the roof to shovel snow off. With snow falling now and ice on the way, this is treacherous at best. The troops have been called in, one of our friends is on his way up there, picking up others on the way. I contacted someone else on Facebook who lives out of state. He is calling his 2 brothers and trying to scare up more people to get over there and clean off the roof. I can think of a few more working farms that have barns full of animals, the owners are probably holding their breaths and trying to get up there to clean off the roofs.

Please say a few prayers for our farmers all over the country who are struggling right now with these horrible weather conditions. The animals in the barns are at risk, if the barns go down and they manage to get the animals out first, there is no place to put them. Outside is not a good option at this time, in this brutal weather.

I am keeping up to date with text messages and Facebook with my friends as they can update. Leaving my house is just not an option. If I could I would be there at least to spur them on, bring them coffee and food, and help with the animals. But the roads are bad, I don’t have 4 wheel drive, so my prayers and good thoughts will have to do.

Our farmers are struggling so hard to keep farming all over the country, it is work forever. Most don’t have the resources of the man power to take care of this issue. And many of these barns are filled with animals who are at risk, never mind the dollar amount attached to the animals.

Right now to these farmers the weight of the snow can feel like the weight of the world.

Barn doors buried in snow New Milford CT

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