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Posting with a little more joy in my step!

January 31, 2011

Steep RockWhen I was taking my P&P class I would write the things I needed to remember on index cards, stick them in my pocket and head over to Steep Rock in Washington, CT to walk my dog and study. Steep Rock is an amazing place, land forever preserved for the all to enjoy along the banks of the Shepaug River, some of the most breathtaking eye candy around. To this day we cannot say “Steep Rock” in front of the dog, even though it was years ago and he is an old guy now, he remembers. He talks to us, wags his tail and heads to the door! In our walks, Duncan and I met two of the most wonderful ladies there, they both had black labs, and they would include me in on their walks when Duncan and I ran into them. I so enjoyed walking with them and their pooches, they were interesting, funny, caring and wonderful women. I was grateful that they extended their friendship to me and my pooch.

When I passed my real estate exam they were so happy for me. I remember driving over to Steep Rock, hoping they were there so I could share the good news! Time passes, we moved back to New Milford, I stopped taking the dog as we can walk behind our house, I missed my two walking friends and their dogs. I do often think about them but haven’t had the good fortune to see them since giving up those much beloved walks in Steep Rock.

Fast forward to yesterday. I posted about cleaning the snow off our roofs before the next round of snow and ice hits us on Tuesday. I got a call on my cell phone, it was one of my walking buddies from Steep Rock! She has tons of snow on her roof and was looking for a phone number of someone who could help her. She had found my post and gotten my cell phone number from the post. We chatted a bit, I gave her a number and we said goodbye. I was so happy to hear from her, to know that she had remembered our walks, it was just such a nice feeling!

After thinking about it, I really wondered why she called me. I know.. she Googled about removing the snow and ice from her roof. But here is the interesting thing,  Washington is a small town. There are some very strong real estate companies there, the agents firmly entrenched in this luxury market. As a matter of fact, one very successful local agent lives right on the same street as this woman does. And I know she knows her. I believe that our blogs make us accessible, more real to people. They feel we are interested in helping when we post online. And I truly am!

Today I will send her a note in the mail with a picture of Duncan inside. Just a quick note to say how wonderful it was to speak with her, after all she really made my day. It was a small thing to many, but to me it was a wonderful surprise! (And I also realize I need to get over to Steep Rock with my camera this spring, with Duncan of course.)

And I will post with a little more joy in my step!

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