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Fun in the sun?

January 28, 2011

Fun in the sun snow in New Milford CT!

The snow has been the topic of the week everywhere I go. Where to put it, how much more could we get, on and on. I don’t remember dealing with this much snow at one time, ever. Tonight I saw a wall of snow in front of my daughters house about 6 feet high! (where is your camera when you need it?) And I have to say the town of New Milford is working hard to clean up the mess left behind. Despite all the issues that we are all dealing with, cleaning our mailboxes to ensure delivery, getting the roofs cleaned off, knocking down the icicles, shoveling, shoveling and more shoveling… some people know how to have fun with the white stuff piling up around our heads! I found this guy on the town green in New Milford, he was bringing smiles to all that drove by. Of course, only those driving up the east side of the green could see him because the snow is piled so high on the west side, the green is invisible to those driving by!

New Milford CT snowman

Notice the Christmas tree behind the snowman, they are all still up on the green, they are probably going to be there until about May or so…. at least they add a bit of color to the frozen, white tundra that used to be our town green! At least the lights on the trees have been disconnected, however the gazebo is still decorated and lit as well as all the street lamps. They shine bright like a beacon to remind us there is no way to get to them to shut off the switch!!!!

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