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How can we assist our clients to the best of our ability if we don’t know what we are doing?

January 26, 2011

Let me preface this post by saying that I originally wanted to write a public post about short sales, but this came out instead. It took quite a turn while I was writing it.

head in the sandNew Milford, CT has not seen the short sales that other parts of the country have seen. But it is coming, slowly, surly, we are seeing more here, more there, they are sneaking up on us. Unfortunately there are listings that should be short sales, but no one wants to know about it, or talk about it, or face reality. Not the home owner, not the agent, everyone has their collective head in the sand! These agents have no idea of the disservice they are doing to their clients. And make no mistake, I believe it to be a total and absolute disservice.

I had a recent conversation with someone (which ended up with someone actually having a total meltdown) who put an offer in for clients on a short sale. Total misinformation, lack of information, inexperience and fear have brought the deal to its knees. Any of us who don’t learn all we can will be in serious trouble, no matter which side of the table we are sitting at. How can we assist our clients to the best of our ability if we don’t know what we are doing?

There are those around me that have laughed at my blogging. I am here to tell you that if it weren’t for my blogging on this wonderful platform called ActiveRain I probably would be one of those agents who has no clue about short sales. I have had the best of the best in the country teaching me to become successful, and I know if I have a question they are only a phone call or an email away. I may have been kicking and screaming in the beginning, but I realized early on, from our very own Broker Bryant Tutas, that short sales were coming my way and I had better be prepared. (And by the way, those that laughed at me have asked me where I learned “all this stuff” …. hmm… I wonder ….)

To any that may be out here reading this who have little to no knowledge of short sales, who are in denial, I think I can safely say they will be coming to your area. If you don’t want to deal with them you probably need to find a different occupation. One person asked me if they could refer short sales to me, I had to think long and hard. I don’t think I would feel comfortable paying a referral fee to someone considering the amount of work that has to be done. I might rethink that, or I might think about something smaller than the usual referral fee. In the back of my mind I was wondering why they weren’t even trying to learn all they could? What if they had a buyer for a short sale?

I’m wondering how we cannot learn all we can. We sold them the houses, we reaped the benefits of a brisk market. If we have made the decision to stay in real estate, how can we turn our backs and compound the problem even more?  I know some markets are like mine and just really starting to see more and more short sales. You still have time to learn how to serve your clients. Look around on ActiveRain, check out Wendy Rulnick and Broker Bryants fantastic site called, look around here to others that are good at what they do and willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

Do not think that I’m not afraid, but this is not about fear, this is about responsibility. I realize that I have more to learn every day. I am far behind my comrades who live in areas who have had to deal with short sale after short sale since the market crash and burn. I saw the writing on the wall, dove into all the information I could find and I have successfully negotiated short sales. I am learning more every day and expect to be learning up until there are no more short sales on my horizon.


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