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I got the best idea since sliced bread!

January 24, 2011

And if you steal it… I’m a ‘comin…. sleep with both eyes open….

I reblogged a post by the Queen of Anti-Plagiarism today. Lenn Harley is a great resource for us all in many areas, but especially in the area of plagiarism. It is a pretty simple theory, it goes something like this…

c andrea swiedler 2009

I got a very interesting comment on the reblog this morning that spurred me to write this post. Someone asked why I wouldn’t want to share? Fair enough, I will explain. Let me preface the rest of this by saying I am NOT a plagiarism expert. I follow simple rules, if it ain’t mine, I don’t use it. UNLESS I have permission, credit the author, link back, etc. PERMISSION, and not implied consent.

I believe we are all inspired by others. There is not a thought that is not somehow influenced by what we see, what we hear, what we read. There is nothing wrong with that. But when we take the time to put it into our own words it becomes our work, which we are entitled to. The law says so.

What about art work? Well here is the thing. I do one of 2 things. Either I make it, or I buy it. Once in a great while I use something that has a creative commons license on it, BUT NOT UNTIL I ACTUALLY CHECK BACK WITH THE OWNER! Could it be it is a bit of an over kill? Maybe… but I just don’t have the money to pay someone for a lawsuit.

My work takes me time to do. Photos I take are MINE…. I better not find them elsewhere. Point blank, end of story. They belong to ME. If I choose to give them to someone, fine, if I choose to put them on the web with a copyright, they are MINE. I am very particular about my work. Photos that you see online from me have taken me HOURS to pour through, to adjust, they are mine mine mine. Same with any silly jpeg I might do. It is mine. Mine mine mine. If you can’t follow simple copyright law, if you can’t respect me enough to ask me, to pay me, to take no for an answer then you will have to pay big time in the long run. Try asking a relative of Picasso’s if you can scan one of his paintings…. In my own mind, I am Picasso… ok, so it is only in my own mind but still, it is MY mind! And I am a bit like my three year old grandson when you try to take his Spiderman away from him. “mine, mine, mine”!

If anyone has any misunderstandings about plagiarism, just do a search for it here on ActiveRain. Lenn has graciously provided us with enough information to last quite a while.

So remember, the best rule of thumb, if it ain’t yours… don’t use it! There is nothing complicated about that. And I am a pretty generous person by the way. If asked, I might be inclined to say sure, go ahead, with credit to me, my copyright appearing on my photos and a link back to me. BUT DAMMIT, YOU BETTER ASK FIRST!

I return programming back to our fun loving easy to get along with Andrea….

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