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My very hard lesson for the day… Stay true to yourself, even if yourself is a smart ass kinda person.

January 23, 2011

My very hard lesson for the day… Stay true to yourself, even if yourself is a smart ass kinda person.

Andreas stats are down down downI had a long conversation with Bob Stewart of ActiveRain the other day. I was very concerned that my stats were going down yet I was posting more and more. I had taken his advice in December and written some posts based on typical questions I am asked on a regular basis. I then joined the January challenge and stepped up my posts, making sure I wrote one post a day for the month that was consumer related. I was hot… or so I thought….


My stats were going down, down down in the toilet. It was the big flush! He and I reviewed what I was doing now as opposed to what I was doing before. He very kindly and gently suggested that I had a great groove before and I had changed that in order to fulfill the January post a day obligation. Before I probably had 3 – 4 posts a week consumer oriented, and had a blast with posts for the members otherwise. In my own words, I did better when I was being a smart ass half the time for the members and posting about local events and sharing local photographs for consumers the rest of the time. He agreed. (And was probably greatly relieved that I had figured it out without him having to tell me what was really wrong with me!) We also noted that my event posts got the most hits, and they keep getting hits. I used to put a Realbird property search at the bottom of those, I don’t know why I got away from doing that. When I was true to my self, when I posted in my voice, I would get emails requesting information on listings. Shame on me… I was defeating my own purpose! Also of note, those rotten monthly market reports, which I HATE doing, get lots of hits too.

Today I decided to keep it short and sweet (and keyword rich of course). I posted about Candlewood Lake, very simple post. I put a short YouTube video of the lake in the post, a link to my IDX set up with a lake search…. and…. a Realbird property search of the lake at the bottom. Voila! An email appeared in my inbox later this afternoon requesting more information about a lake home. (And by the way, the email came to me via Realbird.)

Who knows where the email will go. I am just happy that I got it. I was true to myself, I went back to my old style of posting and got a hit because of it. My voice is different from yours. I don’t know how to explain, but when you find your voice, hit your groove, the heavens will align and you will know it. Then stick to it! Don’t let the lure of points (and yes, I am a point monger, I shamefully admit it) let you alter your voice. I am me, my posts reflect me and they should stay that way.

Be yourself! Cuz yourself is pretty cool!

(And if you insist on flushing your stats down the toilet, make sure it is a real fancy one.)

Fancy toilet

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