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I lied through my teeth… the words came out of my mouth before I could stop them…

January 21, 2011

I lied...There is really no one in my real estate market that is blogging here on ActiveRain. Or blogging anywhere that I can find, certainly not in the towns I cover. A few towns over and I can find some, they will even put posts about my towns. OUCH, that smarts! There are those here that know what I do, occasionally ask me about it, some even suggest that perhaps they should be blogging.

Uh oh… now what? Do I tell them the truth? Do I share with them the fact that blogging will bring them more customers? Should I explain how much I have learned from all the fantastic agents here on ActiveRain? Do I confess that, as Richard Weisser put so eloquently in his post this morning, I might not still be in the real estate business if it weren’t for the support and knowledge I gained from my time playing in the ‘rain? Do I relate the wildly exciting story about Judy Jennings, who as a result of her blogging got herself a FANTASTIC new job with a builder who loved her posts? (let’s not even talk about the trip to Nantucket she won….)

I was put to the test again the other day. Someone asked me if they should be blogging. The dreaded question… to fess up or not. I could feel the sweat on my brow, my eyes were darting back and forth, what to do, what to say… this was a real problem. One wants to be honest with ones competitors and colleagues after all, right?

And then it happened…. I lied through my teeth… the words came out of my mouth before I could stop them…

“Oh no, not unless you have HOURS to waste in front of a computer, I am sorry I ever started, blogging is a complete waste of time, really“. I then went on to explain how she could kiss her friends and family goodbye, forget about going out to just have a good time….

I quickly turned the conversation to other topics. Although I had stopped trembling, my hands were still sweaty. I casually wiped them on my pants, hoping she wouldn’t notice. But it had happened, I flat out lied to a colleague, I had felt like a cornered animal, fighting for my life. I did what I felt I had to.

Now tell me, what are YOU telling your competition and colleagues?

(and thank you to Richard and Judy, who played as my muse this morning and gave me the courage to fess up!)

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