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An ActiveRain Success Story Worth Sharing!

January 21, 2011



My dear friend Judy Jennings has a pretty amazing story about her success as a direct result of ActiveRain. The fewer that post on a regular basis in my area means more for those of us who are here pounding our fingers on our keypads, taking zillions of photos…(me).

Take a moment to congratulate Judy!


Via Judy Jennings Realtor®, Broker (TGG Limited Partnership):

An ActiveRain Success Story  Worth Sharing! 

I loveActiveRain

My (latest) ActiveRain Success Story can be traced back to the first post I wrote about a specific community. That community was The Pinehills in Plymouth MA. I wrote about what the community had to offer to its residents, wrote about businesses within the community, wrote about the style homes and the various developers and their price points, posted market reports, and inserted numerous photographs (eye candy) for my readers.

target marketingI made sure the posts were categorized under Localism, and I sponsored the community. These posts don’t get much attention from the ActiveRain community, but they sure do attract potential clients. It was work, but well worth the effort. I was getting calls, and I was closing deals.

I was having a pretty successful year for myself as a direct result of my blogging. I became a “regular” at The Pinehills sales registration office. I was also developing good relationships with the sales staff of the various builders.

Little did I know that my blogging efforts would lead to a job offer from one of the best developers in the community. I took the job, and haven’t looked back!

Flash forward to a few nights ago, it was the annual Broker Appreciation Dinner at The Pinehills. It is an invitation only event where the agents that bring business to the community are wined and dined followed by an award ceremony.

drum rollDrum roll please….. I was awarded the top referring agent in The Pinehills for 2010. Did I mention the prize? It’s a good one. I won a two night stay at The White Elephant on Nantucket, along with dinner for two, and two sixty minute massages. Lucky me (and Joe)!!

If you think blogging is a waste of time, think again. The success of your business could depend on it. It’s a sure thing.

Copyright © By Judy Jennings – all rights reserved. An ActiveRain Success Story  Worth Sharing!

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