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If I am dreaming I must be sleep blogging.

January 20, 2011

Pinch me, I must be dreaming… sleep blogging…

I must be sleeping..It’s a short sale dream. I am scheduled to attend a webinar this afternoon put on by CDPE with big bad Bank of America. And it looks interesting to say the least. But when I read over the materials emailed to me this morning I realized I had to be dreaming. That’s good, because I am tired and getting more sleep will feel good.

There, in front of me, it says that the new program BofA has will approve the short sale in 10 days of the offer being given to them.

No… pinch me please… and if I am dreaming does this mean I am sleep blogging now?

It says that we, the agents, should contact them right away, prior to listing. (this makes way to much sense) BofA will have the property appraised before it is listed. (r u kidding me? please stop…. ) BofA will work with the listing agent to come up with a price to market the property so that it is, in a sense, pre approved already. (this is too much for me, I am waiting to wake up at any second and realize it was all a dream…)

Time will tell, I am very excited about the webinar, but perhaps this is all a dream. Will I awake to find out that I actually slept through the day? You know what is running through my mind? When it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. A bit cynical I know. This should be the norm. This should have been the norm from day one. This is the one idea that makes sense to me. Of course this is only BofA… in order to really be a dream come true, all lenders would follow suit.

I don’t know if there are any slots in the webinar left, it is this afternoon at 4 pm EST. Check out CDPE’s website, the info and links are there.

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