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Snow and Ice in Litchfield County, here we go again.

January 16, 2011

Snow and Ice in Litchfield County, here we go again.

New Milford CT surviving the stormThis is just adding insult to injury, after having more than 2 feet of snow, we are now expecting a significant ice storm tomorrow. First it will lay down up to another 6 inches, and then the ice will set in, in my little corner of the world the prediction is for up to half an inch of ice. In preparation I will do my usual. I will make food for the dog, fill containers with water, fill the bathtub with water (for that all important flush) and try to find some salt for the walkway this morning. (Chances are it will be all sold out though.)

Connecticut Light & Power has some good information for storm preparedness. I don’t know if we are ever fully prepared, but as long as I have an alternative heat source, water, and food that doesn’t have to be cooked, I’m golden.

  • Flashlights (one for every member of the family)
  • Extra batteries
  • Battery operated radios/clocks
  • Containers of water
  • Food supply that doesn’t need to be cooked and/or alternative cooking source
  • NON ELECTRIC CAN OPENER, need I say more?
  • Fully stocked first aid kit
  • Keep a full tank of gas in your car
  • Find out how to operate your garage door manually
  • Unplug all sensitive electronics prior to the storm
  • If you are on medication, make sure you have some on hand!

Click here to download CL&P’s storm booklet, there are some good suggestions in there, things I may not have thought about. Also check out their “storm tips” page, I know I found out a few things I hadn’t thought about.

Now I just have to figure out how to get the dog outside for his business trips. Perhaps some of my friends from the south will leave some tips and tricks how to survive an ice storm!

Stay warm, stay safe and we all hope we stay with power.  And watch out for the icicles, they have been known to kill people you know!

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