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I’d Been Bing-ed! It was like a skunk smell on a dog in winter..

January 15, 2011

I’d Been Bing-ed! It was like a skunk smell on a dog in winter.. it just wouldn’t go away!

SkunkedI use Firefox, changing is really not an option because I also rely heavily on ScribeFire to write my posts. Without Firefox I wouldn’t be using Scribefire…. All was right with the world. I even had my own “New Milford CT Real Estate” tool bar courtesy of Conduit, I was stylin!!! (I know some of you use the ActiveRain tool bar from Conduit.)

All was right with the world…

Until I got Bing-ed. Whatever I typed in the search bar to the right of the address bar I got whisked away to the land of Bill “Bing the World” Gates… NO MORE GOOGLE. I had to actually go to to make sure I was going to stay on Google.

I searched the internet, I did find out that Conduit now uses Bing, dropping Google like a hot potato for the searches. I quickly dumped my nifty New Milford CT real estate tool bar. But… Bing was still there, like a bad smell on a dog after they have been skunked in the dead of winter. I went to and searched for the answer. Nothing I found there helped. Everything I tried was an exercise in futility. Bing had a strangle hold on me and wasn’t going to let go!

Early this morning I found the cure. I downloaded the nifty “Google Tool Bar” for my Firefox. No more Bing. Eat your heart out Bill Gates, Google is my first love, for many, many reasons. I’m happier than a pig in poop! And I actually love the toolbar, I didn’t realize what I was missing until I started using it!

And my hats off and a big thank you to Coleen DeGroff for turning me on to the being “Bing-ed” phrase. I saw her post on Facebook about it, she too has been Bing’ed and is not happy. She has been using the ActiveRain Conduit tool bar. If you are a Firefox user and have been Bing-ed, there is a cure… download the Google Tool Bar.

I am… Bing-less and happy. All is yet again right with the world!

I Heart Google

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