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Well this just frosts my buns… Sleazy hotel steals my name…

January 14, 2011

Well this just frosts my buns… Sleazy hotel steals my name…

I know many of us use Google alerts. Interesting stuff really. So, what do I find today? Which by the way, I do not know what to do about this. Here is my alert. I will NOT be posting links to this site because I don’t want to give them any more Google milk than they are already stealing. Talk about sleazy… But I have decided to post their name and make this post public, just because they deserve to be called out. The Metro Inn, located in Romulus, MI used my name, along with other websites in CT, trying to trick people in Connecticut who may be flying to Detroit into getting a room with them.

Google alert

This hotels website has some pages which they connect with other parts of the country. But those pages are not anywhere to be found on their website. My website is listed there, with a hyperlink to their main website. Also a post I wrote containing a market report, linked again to their main website. What they don’t know is that I am no where near Brooklyn, CT, this page is labeled Brooklyn CT after the hotel name.

I am not alone on this page. There are quite a few websites, all random, all from CT. All link back to their main website. I really am not sure what to call this type of crap, I am not a happy camper right about now. What would you do????

Here are the screen shots of the website. As I said, I am not putting any links to their site. It looks like a nice enough hotel, but what a sleazy marketing campaign. My guess is they have thousands of these pages out there. They are not listed on the main website, but none the less, they are out there. Wonder how many of you are being used to get them business? What will you do if indeed you are being used like this?

Sleazy way to get some google milk

Sleazy way to get some google milk

Sleazy way to get some google milkSleazy way to get some google milk


I think I need a shower….

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