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Are you singing the shared driveway blues in New Milford CT?

January 13, 2011

Shared driveway blues in New Milford, CT, there is a cure.

New Milford, CT real estate talk.

John Deere tractor in snow New Milford CTShared driveways are not the norm, but there are quite a few here in New Milford, CT. Sometimes there are agreements in place noted on the land records. Other times it is more informal, some people have lived with the shared driveway for a long time, never feeling the need to make it official. But… homes sell, things change, lenders decide they don’t want to assume this type of risk.

Putting an agreement together is not all that difficult. You can hire an attorney to take care of the process for you, or if you so desire you can get together with your neighbors and draw one up yourselves. Have it signed by all who share the driveway and take it to the town clerk’s office at the town hall to record the agreement on the land records. I would suggest that if you do decide to draw it up yourselves that you have a local real estate attorney look the document over. After all, this will become an official record that could well affect the future saleability of your home!

Things to think about when drawing up the agreement.

  • Think of the driveway as shares. 2 homes, 2 shares, 4 homes, 4 shares, etc. It should be fair and equitable to all, so if 2 owners are in the front and 2 owners are a good distance down the driveway, the share of responsibility may be higher for the people in the back.
  • Include road maintenance in the agreement.
  • Include snow plowing in the agreement.

Shared driveway agreements, like fences, make good neighbors!

Stay tuned for more New Milford, CT real estate talk.

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