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Is Social Media opening doors for you or slamming them in your face?

January 12, 2011

Social media is certainly our new reality. It can open doors for us, or slam them right in our face. And you might not even know it is happening, but everyone else will.

Barn doors New Milford CTThe snow today gave me plenty of time to hang around Facebook, between wading through hip deep snow for that perfect shot and shoveling the cars out. I have a few clients I am friends with, family, friends, and of course other agents all across the country. I set my blogs to feed into Facebook, I share my photos, I have a real estate page (and if you haven’t liked me yet, what the heck are you waiting for anyway?).

But I digress…

So here I am, roaming Facebook, and what do I run across? A status update from a client who is clearly unhappy with a particular situation with the house she purchased. Not with me. She is very angry with the listing agent who passed on bad information which has impacted their lives greatly. Not only is she not happy, she is being very vocal about it without naming names. But this is a small(ish) town, and people know.

It is so important that we remember, with everything we represent about homes we are selling, that we paint an accurate picture of what is going on. If not, if we provide the erroneous information, we could find our faux pas, our indiscretion plastered all over the internet! And in this day and age a law suit might be the next wonderful thing we can expect.

At the end of the day we have our good name, our reputation. And nothing can ruin that faster than a disgruntled person on Facebook! Social media is certainly our new reality, it can open doors for us, or slam them right in our face. And make no mistake, people are talking about you, even if you don’t know about it!

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