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How long have you been collecting these? A gift to Richard Weisser.

January 11, 2011

How long have you been collecting these? A gift to Richard Weisser.

Today was a very special day, I met a man who has been collecting trains since he was THREE years old! It all started with a gift from Santa Claus.

TrainsSteve Pelton of New Milford, CT was three years old. He was upstairs in his room with visions of sugarplums dancing through his head, when he heard something downstairs. Much to his parents dismay he caught his father and uncle assembling his gift, a train set. Quick thinking on the part of his father who told him they were helping Santa out by putting the train set together. He stayed up and helped too, and that was “all she wrote”. Steve has been collecting trains ever since. All these trains run by the way, if they don’t, Steve restores them. And of course, there are not just trains. There is a steam powered ferris wheel, there are wonderful little people, there are trees, bridges, water towers, coal thingys that dump coal into little railroad cars, and I don’t even know what else! There was more train paraphernalia and trains than Carter has liver pills. I never saw so many trains in one spot!!

Let me just tell you, trains are not just toys for boys. I would love to have one or two of these sets in my house! And not for my grandson, I don’t think I would let anyone touch these beauties. Some of them actually puff steam, some are from the early 1900’s, there are trains of all sizes and colors, trains to delight young and old alike.

Of course I ran to get my camera. And all the while I was thinking of my dear friend in Georgia who loves trains, Richard Weisser. I know Richard takes pictures of real trains, not toy trains. But trains are trains after all! This video/slideshow is my gift to Richard, I hope this will put a bit of a smile on his face!


My hat is off to Steve, this is one amazing collection of big person toys! I did ask Steve if he let his friends come over and play trains with him, he said “of course”…. I do hope I am his new friend.

P.S. The boxes on the shelves are full of…. trains… millions and millions of trains!

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