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And here we go again!

January 10, 2011

And here we go again!

Classic nor'easterThose of us who live along the eastern seaboard from the Carolina’s to Canada know exactly what a nor’easter is. We have just suffered through one and are waiting for another one that is barreling up the east coast wreaking havoc on the lower eastern seaboard states before it hits Connecticut.

A “classic” nor’easter is when an intense low pressure area forms along the east coast of the U.S. which produces very strong northerly winds that blow down from Canada. You have strong, treacherous snow and rain and wind wind wind, sometimes hurricane force winds. A classic nor’easter can dump very heavy amounts of snow and or rain and have caused massive damage up and down the eastern seabord. If, during the nor’easter, the winds blow in excess of 35 mph (gale force winds) for 3 or more hours and reduce visibility to 1,300 feet or less then we have blizzard conditions to add to the nor’easter.

The word “nor’easter” can send fear into the hearts of those of us that have lived through other nor’easter’s and joy into the hearts of children who know they will probably have the day off from school. All I know is we are expecting yet another nor’easter to hit Connecticut tomorrow night. I plan to sit tight and ride it out right in my house. I am stocked up, my camera is waiting to get more pictures and I plan to catch up on some work I need to do around the house!

And here we go again…

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