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ActiveRain Blog Unclog. Pour 3 capfuls into the servers and flush….

January 9, 2011

ActiveRain Blog UnclogGood morning ActiveRain staff and servers. Are you feeling sluggish, constipated perhaps? I wrote a post recently how Bob Stewart motivated me, and “unclogged the blog clog”. Perhaps you are in need of the same thing, I think the servers are feeling a bit sluggish and are in need of some assistance.

Now don’t get me wrong, I so appreciate the fact there are no more server errors… but oh my you are soooo sloooowwww. It is like blogging backwards in slowmo! I can get around it by opening multiple tabs, but I don’t like it. And what I really don’t like to think is that the people we are targeting to read our posts won’t like it at all and will <shudder> MOVE ON! My readership for each post is WAY DOWN! Now either I am really, really boring, writing crappy posts or… people are not willing to wait for the page loads!

I have cleared the cache, turned the laptop upside and shook out the crap while standing on one leg and wearing all orange and blue. I have done everything to make sure it is not a malfunction on my end. I have tried AR in Firefox, IE, none of the other pages I visit are slow… so…. that leads me to believe… it is not me.

So dear AR staffers, please… unclog the blog and speed us up again. And in case it will help I am including a bottle of ActiveRain Blog Unclog. Pour 3 capfuls into the servers and flush….

And in case you were wondering, this is not a bitch about ActiveRain post. If you listen carefully you can see this is a loving… caring… “I think you are sick and in need of attention” post written in a motherly, loving fashion. But do remember, mothers can be tough…. don’t make me put you in time out for bad behavior….

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