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What is an “As Built” and why do I need this for my home in New Milford, CT?

January 7, 2011

Dear Andrea, What is an “As Built” and why do I need this for my home in New Milford, CT?

New Milford, CT Real Estate Talk

Real Estate questions New Milford CTVery simply put, an “As built” is a drawing of a septic system, “as built”. How easy is that? In New Milford, CT you can obtain a copy of your “as built” from the Department of Health, which is located on the second floor of the New Milford CT town hall. (Bring 50 cents with you!) Sometimes the “as built” is like chicken scratch, it is nothing fancy. Just a simple drawing with a notations of how many feet the each feature of the system is located from the house.

But why would you want a copy of your “as built”? You do want to know where your septic is located, you don’t want to plant anything that might interfere with the fields, you certainly don’t want to drive over your system, if you plan on putting a pool in, enlarging your home, adding a deck, you will want to know where your system is. And of course, when the all important man comes to pump your system, he will want to know where the tank is located.

Yes, I run across homes that do not have an “as built” on file. These are older homes that were built prior to records being kept. A good septic inspector will be able to locate the tank and fields for you. I would take notes as to where everything is located, measuring from the house to the tank and the tank to those all important D boxes (distribution boxes).

Sometimes work has been done to a septic, the seller claims it is a “new system” yet the work was done without proper permits. My first tip off? No “as built” in the town hall, or an old as built that doesn’t match what the owner is saying. Again, a thorough inspection of the system will tell you if it is working properly or not.

What is an As Built in New Milford, CT? Very simply put it is a drawing of the septic system “as built”!

Tune in for more New Milford, CT real estate talk!

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