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Addicted to ActiveRain? No, not me…

January 6, 2011

Addicted to ActiveRain? No, not me…

Blogging fat ladyNo way. I am not addicted. I have it all under control. I resent the fact that anyone would ever think I am addicted to ActiveRain, that just frosts my behind. What a terrible thing. After reading a post by Pat Kennedy, “New Contest!!! Just How Addicted Are You To ActiveRain”, I was flabbergasted. Pat was offering me manna from heaven ActiveRain points to admit an addiction. Like I would fall for a trick like that, bribing me just to get me to admit an addiction that I don’t’ have. As much as I love Pat, I know for a fact I am not addicted. No way!

This caused me to look up the signs of addiction. Generally speaking it would appear that all addictions have similar signs. And people who are addicted are very clever at hiding their addiction. And specifically, internet addictions have the following symptoms. (I don’t have any of these, or if I appear to, there is a reasonable explanation, which I have conveniently put in red after each of the symptoms.)

  • Experiencing a sense of well being, possibly even a euphoria while on ActiveRain line. I do not have a problem with this. I feel fantastic all the time. Especially when I am out and about and my Blackberry tells me there is a new comment on one of my posts. This is normal, I am just responding to the fact I have an email. And besides, looking at anything on a Blackberry is not the same as being online. Have you ever tried to read an ActiveRain post on a Blackberry? I have done it many, many times and it is not fun.
  • Unable to hit the logout button. I have too many different logins and passwords to remember, it is only logical that I remain logged into ActiveRain all the time. 
  • Needing more and more ActiveRain computer time. This is plain silly. I have to spend a lot of time online because when I am not out with clients my work is online. Because I am busier than ever writing posts to attract more customers, how could I not need to spend more time. It is only logical that I use my time wisely, I don’t’ take clients out in the middle of the night… so….
  • Feeling depressed or irritable when not on ActiveRain line. The proof is in the pudding. Remember when we had that horrific time when those f@%*&@+ ActiveRain servers went down? Although I am sure it was a conspiracy against me, I lived through it. And just the other day, when I had a problem all 950 times I tried to open ActiveRain, I didn’t cry or moan. I merely stated on Facebook that I was bored.
  • Neglecting real life family and or friends. I don’t ever neglect my family. And I never neglect my 198,862 friends, just ask them.
  • Lying about online activities to family and friends. I swear, the only reason I get up at 4:00 am is to feed the dog. He will get very sick and die if I don’t feed him at 4:00 am. Since I am awake after that and there is nothing on TV, I do the only logical thing I can think of, I flip open my laptop and write my posts for the day. That way I don’t make any noise and won’t wake anyone else up in the house.
  • Problems with job. Being online is my job, enough said.
  • Sleep disturbances. It is the dog that wakes me at 4:00 am, I already told you that.
  • Migraine headaches. Hayfever, I suffer from hayfever.
  • Back aches. My back only hurts from carrying my laptop to and from the office. When I am home I am laying on the couch with my laptop on my lap which does not cause back aches as we all know.
  • Neck aches. That is from my camera strap around my neck. I am an artist, so that is ok. I am suffering for my art.
  • Skipping meals, eating poorly. Cereal is good for you. Anything with milk is good for you. Also I am trying to conserve electricity so not using the stove or oven is my way of conserving.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. I have always had weak ankles and wrists. It is genetic, nothing I can do about it. And when I wear my wrist braces while typing online my wrists don’t hurt a bit.
  • Dry eyes. I have chronic keratitis, the doctor said it is genetic.

So, as you can clearly see, I am not addicted to ActiveRain or blogging. I am only posting this because I want to repudiate this horrible idea that either myself or any of my 198,862 very best friends could possible be suffering from an ActiveRain addiction. I do know that many are jealous of my online activities, they are always afraid I am going to write something that will cause me to win the Nobel Peace Prize in Real Estate.

And for your information, the fact that I won’t go anywhere without my laptop and a good internet connection is only because I am a totally responsible person, I need to be fully available for anyone that contacts me. I am NOT addicted. Now if you will excuse me, I have a few friends I need to talk to.

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