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I held my tongue while thoughts of “blog fodder” ran through my head.

January 4, 2011

I held my tongue while thoughts of “blog fodder” ran through my head.

screaming on the phoneEveryone in the office could hear the person on the other end of the phone, blasting me, or should I say all real estate agents, for the low offers that had come in on the house. After all, we asked for the low prices because we didn’t build in a perception of value with the listing price. People thought they could get it for less because we didn’t make them think it was worth more by over pricing it.

HUH? That was a first. I really have never heard that before. I saw my brokers head pop up, and the agent who was in closest proximity stopped what he was doing to listen. You couldn’t help but hear, I was being shouted at!

I had warned the owner way back when I first saw the house, I had given MY price to him, and told him that it didn’t matter what he owed on the property. It was a disaster, it was un-mortgageable, it needed more work than the current value of the property.

But what do I know…

So, the theory is, if you price it high, you will invite higher offers. Interesting.

I never said a word after the yelling commenced. I behaved in a mature fashion. I had a million things on the tip of my tongue, but I kept it all to myself. Then the thought occurred to me, I wonder how many people actually think like this?

Then my broker told me she thought she smelled blog fodder… funny thing she should mention that…

blogging fool


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