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When you have a dog, let ’em know it’s a dog! My lesson for today.

January 3, 2011

When you have a dog, let ’em know it’s a dog! My lesson for today.

mangy muttI got a call today because of a video I posted on Youtube. I probably never would have done any videos but for what I have learned here on ActiveRain. I have been slowly delving into using video, using slide shows on Youtube for listings as well as to showcase my area. I have not picked up the video camera, and I certainly have not done any voice overs, preferring to just tell my story with photographs with a few written slides stuck in between. (I do hope to push myself this year to use real video and voice overs, in case you were wondering)

I had a project, a house that had seen better days. My broker was hesitant to put many pictures on the MLS, let alone a slide show. But not me, I put the house, in all its glory on Youtube, with its sad, sad story. Today I got a call from a man who works for a large advertising firm in the city. He wants to buy a house…

But let me cut to the chase. He was fascinated with my video of this particular house, how I took something so clearly in distress and made him interested in it. Then he looked at the rest of the videos on my Youtube channel. He told me that he could feel that I loved this area and that it showed in my work. He said from a professional point of view, I had accomplished my mission!

I was thrilled! After all, I am a real estate agent first, and, like the rest of you, thrust into the world of internet marketing with no formal training. I didn’t get a degree in marketing, I am not a professional photographer, and certainly videography is not my area of expertise. However these things are here to stay and we must be experts in more things than we ever had to be in the past.

So go out and take those photos, put up your videos, tell the story of the places you sell in pictures. There are enough experts here on ActiveRain to help you along the path to video stardom if you have any questions. If you choose to do slides first, go for it. Be brave!

And most important, when you have a dog, let ’em know it’s a dog…

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